“Quality is never an accident. It is always the result of high intention, sincere effort, intelligence, direction, and skillful execution.”





Identifying the problem before it becomes a problem is vital to the petrochemical industry. Some industrial painting suppliers provide “failure analysis services.” AFTER a system is online and a major problem has presented itself. It is not enough for the company to come out and evaluate the nature of the problem at this point; The problem should’ve been anticipated and corrected before corrosion and shut-downs occurred. With a NACE certified third-party inspector from Casarez Coating Inspection, these costly mistakes can be avoided by evaluating site-specific coating stressors before a system is in place.


When you bury a pipe underground after a relatively short period, there’s exists a high risk of corrosion. Pipeline corrosion is the deterioration of pipe material that takes place as a result of its interaction with the working environment. Corrosion of most pipelines occurs due to an electrochemical reaction that takes place in the presence of an electrolyte. Every pipeline system is susceptible to corrosion threats. Even a brand-new system can show signs of corrosive wear in as little as two years after installation if it is not correctly pre-coated. Choosing the right coating inspector is crucial because they help prevent costly shut-downs from corrosion and ensure pipeline integrity over the long-term.

1 of 39 modules for an offshore project. 5 coat system.


Coating is a critical part of the life of our infrastructure. without proper coating, our infrastructures will succumb to the environment and eventually fail, causing untold damage to persons and property. Unprotected steel structures in harsh environments can lose as much as 1 mm in thickness in as little as five years. This loss contributes to structural weakness, and the steel must be replaced. A thin protective coating applied to the steel can slow or delay the corrosion process and significantly extend the life of the steel by 15 or more years, even in offshore environments.

Introduction from Pete Casarez
I have had the privilege of working in the Coating Industry for over 35 years. During that time, I have witnessed a significant evolution in the Industrial Coatings testing and techniques. I have worked on Government projects, the petrochemical, pipeline, and infrastructure Industry. The expertise you will receive from Casarez Coating Inspection if guaranteed to meet or exceed your expectation Our experience enables us to bring to our Clients a first class 3rd party inspection company. We are at your service.
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Why does coating matter?
Anti-corrosion coatings protect the material from degradation due to physical contact or exposure to air, water, and chemicals. The coating acts as a barrier or sacrificial material. The advantages of corrosion coatings include increased lifespan and reduced operating costs. It also imparts various beneficial properties such as increased gloss or color appearance, durability, increased hardness, increased durability, and abrasion protection. Corrosion can lead to increased monetary losses in the form of repair costs, cleanup costs and loss of revenue due to non-productive time.
Casarez Philosophy

“Quality is never an accident. It is always the result of high intention, sincere effort, intelligence, direction, and skillful execution.”



Casarez Coating Inspection is proud to stand behind its industry-leading track record and reputation with its customers. Here are some of the companies we serve:

Above ground pipeline repairs at Craney Island Navy Base Fuel Depot in Suffolk, Virginia.


Casarez Coating Inspection has developed a reputation for delivering on-time, high-quality work, with a commitment to award-winning safety and regulatory compliance. Casarez Coating Inspection services every capital project and implements long-term maintenance coatings programs, with carefully defined budgets, and safety and performance targets, resulting in substantial benefits to our clients.


Casarez Coating Inspection offers a variety of inspection services for surface preparations, coating, and painting in accordance with SSPC/NACE guidelines, standards, and project specifications. Thickness, adhesion, holiday and other testing methods are available.


We maintain a registry of qualified, professional, inspection personnel for on-site, plant turn around, and shut down inspections. Our personnel can support all phases associated with quality control and quality assurance.



We travel nationwide to serve our clients.


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